PDF Creator prints out wrong size with EPSON ET-4750

Hi, I am using PDF Creator to auto-create backup PDF copies of what I print - for some years now. The profile setting is that PDF Creator is first making the PDF, then printing it to a selected printer. This worked fine with a DELL Laser printer and also with HP Officejet. I am recently using an EPSON ET-4750 and here the print out of a page (A4) is just the top left quarter of the actual page, however this is zoomed to 400% so it fills the printed page. The problem exists only when the printing is handled by PDF Creator, in case I print the PDF directly to the EPSON ET-4750 (e.g. using Acrobate Reader or other programs) it works fine. In case there are tipps for how this can be hacked, I'd appreciate it.


I am not sure what could be causing this, but a work around that usually works and somewhat simulates manual printing is using the "run script" action instead of the "print" action. You won't need any script or coding; this can also run any application on your PC. So in case you have any PDF-Viewer capable of printing through a command line, you can use it's executable as script file and pass the print parameter as additional arguments. See e.g. Print after saving margin errors for more details.

Another option might be to check the DPI settings for PDFcreator and the hardware printer to ensure they are identical, but I am not sure if different DPI settings would cause such an issue.

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