PDF Creator produces PDF with searchable/non-searchable text

We have PDF Creator 1.7.3 installed on a Windows 8.1 PC and used Sage MAS90 software to print statements.  The resulting 277 page PDF contains some non-searchable, non-selectable text along with the searchable & selectable text.

Pressing ctl-A and scrolling through the pages show it’s totally random. Sometimes the customer name is not selected, sometimes it is. Same with all the text data on the pages.

Printing the same statements using the Adobe PDF printer driver supplied with Acrobat Pro X produces a PDF with all the text searchable and selectable.

I saw a similar sounding bug at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638764, although that is a problem with FireFox 4.0 printing.

Any idea why this is happening?  It makes PDF Creator pretty much unusable.