PDF Creator Producing Oddly Shaped Circles

Since Autodesk is of no use to anyone in terms of support I have found my way here. Simply put, exporting to AutoCAD and then creating a PDF from that is completely unacceptable (and frankly kind of offensive with how much money we pay for this software) I see everyone ranting and raving about this PDF Creator software as a solution to their PDF from Revit woes, so I decided to test it out myself and was pleased with all but one thing. I cannot for the life of me figure out why a circle in Revit becomes a wavy irregular shape in the output PDF from PDF creator.(please see below for the circled "A") With how many people proclaiming this product as their PDF savior I find it hard to believe that this is an issue with the software itself. Anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully my never-ending search for a decent PDF printer is coming to a close.

Hi Willbender,

It is interesting issue and I would like to ask simple question first of all: Does the “circle in Revit become a wavy irregular shape” when you convert with PDFCreator to PNG (as opposed to PDF)?

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do the circles show up properly when printed on paper?
PDFCreator uses a virtual printer for the conversion, so print settings are usually the best place to look if there are configuration issues. I don’t think any PDFCreator setting is causing this issue. If you installed PDF Architect together with PDFCreator (and registered for the free created module) you could also try if this creates the same issue; it does use different technology internally, so it is often a problem solver for the rare cases in which PDFCreator has some issue with the conversion.

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