Pdf creator server save dialog or autosave location

I have the following infrastructure:

User profiles are located on the fileserver3 (\domain\dfs\folder%userprofile%)
when I try to print to pdf printer installed on the print server, nothing happens

It can be a problem in “difficult” path to the folder? I changed the path to the C:\temp\Environment:username\
nothing happens

In event viewer I see logs:
PS C:> Get-WinEvent -LogName “Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Operational” | fl id, message
Id : 307
Message : Document 196, Print Document owned by myUsername on terminalserver2 was printed on 1Tiff through port pdfcmon.
Size in bytes: 1304. Pages printed: 1. No user action is required.
Id : 805
Message : Rendering job 196.
Id : 842
Message : The print job 196 was sent through the print processor winprint on printer 1Tiff, driver PDFCreator, in the i
solation mode 0 (0 - loaded in the spooler, 1 - loaded in shared sandbox, 2 - loaded in isolated sandbox). Wi
n32 error code returned by the print processor: 0x0.
Id : 801
Message : Printing job 196.
Id : 800
Message : Spooling job 196.

but the file is not in the specified folder on terminalserver2, it is on the printserver1 in the folder C:\temp\printserver1$\

how to let the user select a path to save the file?
or set the correct path to the user profile?