PDF Creator showing invalid bad license notice

Starting today, we're getting an invalid license warning on our PDF create install.

I've blocked the license key in this image, but it's there on the popup.
If I try "Online Activation," it fails. If I cancel out, it lets me print.
There seems to be some mismatch between the "license is valid - Expires Never" section and these popups, along with the fields that say "Activation valid til:"


sorry for the trouble. There shouldn’t be any pop-up if the activation is still valid. The activation is always only valid for a week, but usually gets refreshed automatically in the background before it expires without requiring any interaction from the user. Which error message do you get when you try the online activation? We’d like to fix this as soon as possible, but first we need to understand what is causing the issue.

Best regards,


Hi Robin,

It’s the one you see in the screenshot in my post - on the right side - "Your license for “PDFCreator Plus 2.5.3 is invalid or expired.” etc.

Thanks for your help!


Hi David,

I just had a look at the license server logs and no error was logged for your license key, something must be failing before the connection to our serer is established. Please try using the offline activation, does it give the same error?
We will need to have a more detailed look at this, was a log file created in %localappdata%\PDFCreator on your machine? If yes, please send it to support(at)pdfforge.org

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