PDF Creator shows promise but needs work

I have a 106 PDF files which I need to merge.

The desktop app will only load 93 of them (repeatable), which is clearly not OK. In addition, I can only cancel the job by clicking 93 times, which is also clearly not OK. Worse, even forcing the app to close doesn't work, because when it is launched again, it turns out that it has saved the job...and I still have to click 93 times to cancel the job.

So I tried the online version, which did at least load all 106 files. Unfortunately, the upload didn't maintain the order in which the files are displayed on my screen (the files are named numerically to automate sorting). I assume that the files are displayed on the website in the order in which the uploads completely, which is no use to me.

I know I can sort them manually, but...dudes, this is 106 files. That will take a huge chunk of my time and frankly should not be necessary...there were already in order until PDFForge took charge of them.

I realise that that this is provided free of charge and that PDFForge owes me nothing and I comfortable with that. So this is feedback and not a whinge. But...the free stuff is your shop window. Folk look at your free stuff and decided whether to buy the full product.

It is a shame. So close to what I need, but ultimately doesn't help me.

Thanks for trying, though

Hi @Pollik

Thanks for your detailed & honest feedback!
I'll gladly forward your report to the development teams for PDFCreator and PDFCreator Online.

I just got an answer from the development team. They (of course) accept your report as a feature request for PDFCreator Online. I'll create a ticket right away. :slight_smile:

Regarding the PDFCreator issue:

  1. To cancel all print jobs, you can simply merge all and cancel the remaining print Job.
  2. A "Cancel all print jobs" button is planned. :slight_smile:
  3. We could investigate the issue where PDFCreator only accepts 93 of your 106 files. If you wish to assist us:
    • Please set the logging level in PDFCreator trace (Guide: https://support.pdfforge.org/article/80-how-to-create-a-trace-log)
    • Try converting the files again
    • See how many files there are in the folder %TEMP%/PDFCreator/Spool
    • Merge the available files in PDFCreator and save them somewhere.
    • Send us the trace log (find the log location in the guide above) and tell us how many files were in the Spool folder.

Thank you for the response.

Since posting, I have been trying a couple of competitor products (this was something I needed to do urgently) and was still running into problems. One of those (I forget which) gave a bit more information which leads me to think that my problem lies in Windows 10, specifically, the length of the filepath. I was working in a nested folder on the desktop, 4 levels from memory, with long folder names. I wanted to keep the long folder names, so I moved the nest to the root directory and got my PDF merged there.

I have just tried PDFCreator again in that location and now it works more or less as expected. The app shows 99+ files being added, which turned out be to the 106 files I was trying to merge. So that's good. I still had the problem of putting them in the right order, but that issue is by no means unique to PDFCreator. It would be nice to be able to sort them by column headings (probably usually either by file name or maybe by date would be the most common, I imagine). Hand sorting a large number of files would take quite a bit of time. In the end I used a competitor (PDFmerge - please don't shoot me) which let me drag and drop one file at a time (took about a minute and a half) and it maintained that order when merging. I figured that was much quicker than hand sorting 99+ files. A quick test suggests that dragging and dropping one file at a time in PDFCreator would also work to keep the files in the right order

Thanks again for the reply. It is nice to see constructive responses. :slight_smile:

If you want a free tool what can merge pdf , you could try my tool.
It is normally a companion tool for PdfCreator to convert all to pdf.
But for existing pdf, it even does not need PdfCreator installed to work.

It can run in reduced mode for txt, pictures(several formats) and obviously pdf files.

I use it every day, just to merge simply Pdfs files into one, and in the order i want.

it can also make on demand a summary with links to the original documents and a title page.

It's here https://github.com/marpon/AllToPdf

remind: for full features for conversion of all type of files it uses PdfCreator but in an old version prior 2.0
before COM objects changed on PdfCreator.

You're very welcome!

I've forwarded the additional information to the development team.
PDFCreator (for desktop) will also get automated sorting in the future. Probably by file name and date, as you suggested. :slight_smile: