PDF Creator trial version 1.9.1

It may be from interest for you that your newest trial versions has some bugs. Here are the very worst of them:
creating a PDF from a HTML-Document on development level of - let me
say 6 or 7 pages only 1 or 2 pages are printed. The setting is: print
marked text only.

Another bug concerns saving. If a file with the
same name already exists, nothing happens at all. There is no question
“overwrite ?” or “name already exists”, the old file does still exist and a new file is not created.

the way: It makes sometimes sense, but not always, to create the name
of the file automaticly from the headline of document. The usual
question “save under…” however would be the better way.

actual condition unfortunately the program is not applicable, it was to
early for publication, but you will find solutions anyway.

Kind regards,


we have looked into this, but we have not been able to reproduce the first problem. Which program are you using to print?

second bug: If a file already existed, the file was created in a completely different folder. This bug is fixed with the 1.9.2 version released today.


thank you very much for your feedback, we will look into all of these issues.
It is not a trial version though, but a beta (meaning that it may contain some bugs and is not the stable release yet). Will move this to the Beta subforum, thank you again for your help.