Pdf creator vs pdf architect

I have purchased pdf architect and have been using it for the last few years for my personal use. What additional functionality am I missing out that is in pdf creator? Just curious whether I should be purchasing pdf creator along with pdf architect.

Especially the hot folders etc., are they only available via creator?


while PDFCreator and PDF Architect do share some features, PDFCreator focuses on conversion and automation. The hot folders are only available in PDFCreator and you can generally create more automatic workflows like e.g. convert the document, apply a stamp/background/attachment to it, upload it to your dropbox account and additionally have it printed out on a hardware printer->all with a single print to the PDFCreator printer (after configuring the workflow and saving it as a profile it can be tied to a printer, you can create unlimited profiles and printers). You can even have PDFCreator automatically call another script or application with the converted document as input. An overview of the features is listed here:

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