Pdf Creator will not print more than one page in a multi-page document or web page

I frequently print my online bill receipts with pdf Creator. I am using Windows 7 and Firefox 3.6.8.

I cannot figure out how to make pdfcreator print all the pages in one web page. For instance if I have an online document that’s multiple pages in length pdfcreator will print the equivalent of one 8 1/2 x 11 and that’s it. I have tried printing from print preview and printing selection with the same results.

All help is appreciated.

I found that PDFCreator won't print more than one page when printing from Firefox. I have to open IE and use it to print to PDF for all the pages to be captured. I have no idea if this is a Firefox flaw or a PDFCreator flaw.

 This also happens to me when using Chrome. However, it only happens when I pring to an image file. If I print to a PDF, I do get multiple pages. I have looked through the settings for my "image" profile, but haven't found anything to change the behavior.

Any suggestions?

I've similar problem using Microsoft Access.

I generate stickers and I've to print 4 in one page (because I found in A4 format 4 stickers). When I print I select printing 4 pages of same sticker and in options I put 4 pages in one A4 page.

Result is that is printed in one A4 page only one small page in upper left corner, other 3/4 are empty.

Thanks in advance.


Sheez!  Finally fixed it.  I had this problem for many weeks now and couldn't figure it out and no help on the web.  (It didn't seem to matter what app you're printing from.)  Finally went into Print... -> Printer Name: PDFCreator -> Properties -> Layout -> Advanced -> Document options -> PostScript options -> Postscript output option.  Several weeks ago, I had set this to EPS so I could properly generate .eps files (needed by Latex -- seems to be a PDFCreator bug in generating .eps files if you don't set this to EPS).  Setting this to something else (e.g., Optimize for portability) allowed it to print all the pages.

I think .eps files are only defined for one page, so printing more than one is irrelevant.  However, I was selecting .pdf in the output type window, (not .eps), so it should've ignored that setting.  Thus there are apparently 2 bugs in PDFCreator relating to EPS.

Steve, I tried another approach after trying to set all teh proper PostScript options for my desktops to print multiple pages using IE.  On the server that host PDFcreator, I can print multiple pages fine.  It is the desktops that cannot. I uninstall and reinstall PDFcreator, the setting for PostScripts remains at Optimize for Speed.  Nothing changed.  The desktops can print multiple pages…printing, I meant that they can convert a 3-pages to a 3-page PDF. it used to be a 1-page PDF.

Main question similar here with Office 2003.
Workaround was view .tif files with ‘MS Office Document Imaging’ instead of ‘MS Office Picture Manager’ or ‘Paint’.