PDF creator won't work under Windows 7

I used pdfcreator on my old pc under Windows XP. New PC has Windows 7 and I can't get  pdfcreator to work. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it and tried "Run programs made for previous versions of Windows" via the control panel. I get error message 481 (invalid picture). This happens even when there are no pictures at all in the Word document.

that worked, thanks.

I tried installing in another directory as suggested but I still get the same problem.

try following steps:

First uninstall and  reboot.

Then install as administrator in a different directory (C:\\PDFCREATOR).

That works for me. I have installed more than 20 Window7 systems (32 and 64bit) and PDFCreator works great.

I have the same issue.

Win7 enterprise, 32b, 4GB ram


try to install in a different directory, not in C:\\program files\\.. in C:\\mypdf\\.."

I have PDFCreator running in a Win 7 32-bit  and 64-bit environment without any problems.

Thanks for all that.

I now get pdfcreator to work but I still get the same error message. I close the message and click on PDF Creator short cut and the file is waiting to be created. I click save and it creates pdf!


 I've tried these recs without success.  And after I close error message (using End Procedure or Exit Program), I can no longer run PDFCreator by clicking on shortcut OR double clicking on the exe file from the directory.  I have to reboot for it to run.  When I reboot and open PDFCreator, I see the file in the log waiting to print. I then have to open it and save it to my disk as I used to do.  

Here's what seems now to be happenning:  When I select something to print and my list of printers opens, I choose PDFCreator and get an immediate error message. I have to reboot to get into PDFCreator again and see the file. What used to happen was the file would be created and was there for me to save to disk without any further adieu - never had to manually open PDFCreator at all. 

This problem seems recent, and may have begun after an undate of a Win 7 Service Pack.  Any further suggestions for making it work?  I've been using it for most of this year without a single hitch until today.

Hi all,

in another posting


I found answer #6:

A solution :

you must modify the temp folder path pdfcreator  in


by another valuec:\\temp     for exemple




May be the pdf creator you have used do not support windows 7

I recommend an update of the Postscript Printer Driver - pscript5.dll

Win7 installs an outdated version from 2005, on http://www.hp.com/go/upd you get  a version from 2009.

I just extract the PSCRIPT5.DLL file from the upd-ps-x32- installer, and replace the file C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\spool\\drivers\\w32x86\\3\\PSCRIPT5.DLL, that get the  PSCRIPT5.DLL file upgraded( version 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)).

Thank you!  I created a subdirectory of C:\\Program Files and installed it there.  Fixed the problem.  Now, on to other Win7 issues . . . .

I'm on Windows 7 Pro.  PDFCreator suddenly stopped working for me.  I did not realize how much I had come to depend on it!  This solution worked for me.  Just as described, I uninstalled, then re-installed, specifying C:\\PDFCREATOR as the directory.

I wonder if there was some Windows 7 maintenance that broke it.

Really PDF creator won’t work under Windows 7? I still working with this tool and found it useful. Anyway I enjoyed this impressive bit. connect with talent agents Thanks a lot!

I've noticed that PDFCreator doesn't work well with Windows 7 - - - local installation seems to work, but printing does not. Running Windows 7 64-bit here.