PDF documents created do not show current Time & Date

Hi there folks,

I am using PDF Creator Ver 1.2.0 and when I create a PDF document the DATE & TIME allocated to the file and reported by Explorer, etc is about four(4) years ago in 2007, not todays Date & Time; as one would have expected.

I have "ticked" the box to allocate the current Time & Date, but this didn't change anything.

I had observed this issue for quite some time with several versions of PDFCreator, since at least Ver 0.9.9 I think; but I had ignored it until now.

It would be good to see it "fixed", so that the document information is actually correct.

I do hope someone knows the answer to this issue.

NEVERTHELESS, PDFCreator has been a terrific program and I am very grateful to whomever was responsible for writing it.   Great utility indeed.  I use it constantly.

Best Regards & looking forward to the answer.