PDF files not generated for IIS user


I have PDFCreator 0.9.9 runnign on a WIN 7 32Bit System. Printouts are automatically generated as PDF Files in a certain dirctory. PDFCreator is the deafult printer on this system.

Printing on the PDFCreator printer thus works fine generally from system accounts.

My problem is:

I have Microsoft IIS runnign on this machine as I would like to use it as a Web server and want to allow anonymous Internet users to "print" and thus generate PDF files as well. I use classic ASP as a server based application that delivers HTML to the users.

The app seems to work fine, even prints without any error message.

But, no file is been generated by the PDFCreator.

IIS users have full rights for the target directory, so I don't think this is a security topic.
PDF Files are also not delievered to another place, I have searched the whole system for them.
They are not made at all, but neither the IIS application nor PDFCreator deliver an error.

I habe no idea at this point, what's going on.
Your help will be appreciated very much.

Regards, Matthias


 Was this resolved? I can succesfully generate PDFs with ASP.NET on the development server, but it is failing on the production server. I gave NETWORK SERVICE permission on the application. Do I need to add another user?


How did you ran PDFCreator with ASP ?

For few weeks i have been try to use it but  i have a premissoin error.

Can you help me ?


have you tried to  grant "local activate" to  "IIUSR_xxxx" or "Network service"  or "ASPNET" user under administrative tools -> dcom config -> pdfcreator ?

Have a look at (it's a similar problem):


Best regards

Rui Madaleno