PDF-Forge-printer lately slowed down

I have loved the PDF-Forge printer for years.
Suddenly (in Windows 10Pro it has slowed down considerably, to ca 1/10 of earlier performance.

To my knowledge I have done nothing otherwise. The objects printed vary enormously in size, but the pronter hitherto was very fast indeed.

Now its down to trickle!
Is that something you have enforced on purpose on the Free Printers?


there isn't any enforced or artificial slowdown of the printing process in the free edition.
Are you sure it is the actual printing which is slow? The conversion takes multiple steps of which printing is mainly outside of our control. We are using the same standard Postscript driver which is shipped with Windows. Is it faster if you leave PDFCreator running in the background? The initial launch might be slower as in very old versions which don't use the .NET Framework.

Best regards