Pdf format and dpi


I don't know how to reduce the size (in ko) of pdf generated by PDFCreator by changing the dpi mode.

I try to explain :



I use PDFCreator 0.9.8 with windows XP. In options, in pdf format, I set dpi to 150dpi (by default 600dpi and a big generated pdf file !), all compression mode are checked. I save configuration with 150dpi option. I print the document (a scan of a letter) using PDFCreator : the generated file has the same size as a file generated with the 600dpi option. I open the pdf file generated and try to print it again : the size is double !!

The only solution I found was to set the default parameter in the pdf option to "Ebook". And if I choose "Ebook" and I change the dpi option the size of the generated file still stay the same... So that is not the solution I am looking for.

Can someone help me ? I hadn't found the answer in the forum but maybe I used wrong keywords (I am not english and I write it twice a year... sorry)




I'm also desperate for an answer here.  I've got a 65 page document with about 20 images (10 are 507dpi, the other 10 are 676dpi).  Default (auto) settings produce a 100+MB file. 

I changed to downsample at 300dpi and got no change.  The PDF produced had images still at 507 & 676 dpi resulting in another 100+MB file.  After adjusting the resolution parameter to 200dpi, the 507 dpi images got downsampled to 253dpi, but the 676dpi images remained at 676dpi!!!  File size is still huge, as the 676 dpi images are the primary problem.

I would have thought that any images above the resolution setting would be downsampled to that setting, but apparently not.

So--can anybody explain the compression resolution settings, or point me to an explanation (unsuccessful finding the answer here on pdfforge.org)?

Oh, yeah.  Running 0.9.6.  Is this a bug that's been fixed?