PDF Print Monitor - Version 1.7.x to 2.0.x

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I am curious about a functionality that seems to be either accessed differently or is missing from the upgraded 2.0 version of PDF Creator. 

When a print queue is created (more than one document being held) the option to print any one of the documents, regardless or order, used to be available. 

In Version 1.7.3, I was able to right click the 3rd document in a queue of 6 documents and send that one specific document to print. 

In version 2.0, I am no longer able to right click any of the documents in the queue and regardless of the positioning of the selected document, the Continue button ‘always’ prints the very first created job. Again, I try to print the 3rd document in a list of 6 jobs – right clicking is not an option, moving this document to the top of the queue and selecting Continue will also not print this doc but instead print the document that was initially printed when the print queue was first created. 

Is there a new method for printing a specific document out of the work queue that someone could tell me about?

Thanks much!


I am afraid this isn’t avaialble in 2.0.
Out of curiouscity, how is your use case/why do you need this feature?
We will discuss it as a feature request in our team.

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I managed to see the document queue one time (by accident, and I havent’ been able to get back to it) while printing to the PDFCreator as a network printer.

It’s embedded in there still, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the pdf’s that are “lost in limbo” are going to have the same behavior that I experienced here, and inherited from 1.7.3 – if the queue wasn’t up the pdfs didn’t flow.

I had a number of “stuck” pdfs, and as soon as this interface came up, I was able to provide the path (as the profile for that printer reverted to use last, and did not have the save-file path associated) and away they went.

I have not seen “an application is requesting your attention” since i created the autosave profile, and in turn have not seen the queue.


there still is a que, I just meant the functionality to print specific jobs from the que directly isn’t there anymore. Once autosave is enabled, you will not see any que. If PDFs become “stuck” for any reason, they should get processed the next time you start PDFCreator, regardless of autosave. 

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