PDF printer wont install

I'm trying to install PDF creator on a D620 Dell laptop running Windows XP SP2. I'm receiving the error that the pdfcreator printer can't install correctly. When I review the install log, I can see that it can't install the printer driver (WIN2KXP2K3). The version that I'm trying to install is 0.9.2. (I've tried to install version 1.0.2 and I receive an error message off the start and can't proceed. That error is An error in the system environment variable "path" has occured. ->Missing or corrupted entry: %Systemroot%\\system32\\wbem This error has to be fixed first  before the installation can be continued. Please select ok if you want this error to be fixed. You have to restart your system afterwards. Otherwise Cancel the installation.)


Does anyone have any idea's on how I can get this fixed so that I can install and use this program?

I have exactly the same problem with exactly the same error message. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea how to get the program to work, so I've found a similar one instead.