PDFArchitect 4 not displaying some pdfs properly

I have just activated the Review and Secure&Sign modules in PDFArchitect 4. I have a lot of pdfs that were generated by “printing to pdf” either in Firefox or Chrome. Quite a few of those, however, do not display correctly in PDFArchitect. I only get some of the text and most of the numbers (these are bank statements) don’t show up at all.
All the files display correctly in Acrobat Reader. They are Acrobat 1.4 files, in case that’s relevant, and so far any file that didn’t open properly in PDFArchitect was generated using NitroPdf Creator 8.
I can work around it by regenerating the pdfs but I’m not prepared to do that there are too many of them.

I would be grateful if someone could suggest a way I can solve this.


we will be happy to have a look at this and see if there is something on our end we can do, but in most similar cases the PDF wasn’t generated properly (but Adobe Reader has some additional automatic repair functions for this). Please send any example PDF to support(at)pdfforge.org.

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Hi Robin,

thanks for getting back so quickly. Unfortunately, I will have to find a document that exhibits the issue but doesn’t contain any confidential data, which may take me a few days. I will get back to you though as quickly as I can.

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