PDFArchitect 6 - E-Sign trial? What is this


I find it a bit strange that for product queries there is no ‘Contact us’ but a general ‘Blog’ area.

Having been using pdfforge Creator and Architect products for a few years now but when I upgraded from Architect 5 to 6 the following message was output -

Click the link below to confirm your email address and unlock your 14-day E-Sign trial and free Create features.

“Email confirmation” I’m OK with that but what is this “your 14-day E-Sign trial and free Create features” ? There has been no mention about any trial period


I will need to double check this, but as far as I understand it you automatically get the E-Sign trial upon signing up for the free create module. It will simply deactivate itself after 14 days, technically and legally it can’t extend the trial or charge you anything unless you actively decide to purchase either a package or a subscription.
More details on the module itself can be found here: http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfarchitect/modules/e-sign-module-details

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