I am a user of PdfCreator for a while, thanks for the program.

I am developping (alpha state) a utility named PdfBooklet which can be a valuable complement to PdfCreator. It allows manipulating a pdf file in different ways : as the name indicates, the first purpose is creating booklets, but many other transformations have been added : change margins, scale, rotate, extract pages, add blank pages. This is NOT a pdf editor, it does not allow text editing. 

It is a python script but a bundled exe for Windows is available. I will deliver it as Open Source and I was wondering if the developers of PdfCreator would be interested to add it to their "Other Projects". 

The problem is that I think that this utility can be helpful for others, but I will be unable to support it. If it was included in this site, then user support through the forum would be available. 

The second problem is that I am looking for someone who can continue the development. I am working to finish the 1.0 version, but I will be unable to continue in the next future and some improvments would be useful, although the script is already useful as is. 


Best regards



Files can be found here: 0.7 alpha version



(5MB zip for Windows)