pdfC puts file extension in Document &Title field

pdfC puts a file extension (like .rtf/.doc & etc.) in the Document &Title field
when I print from word processors & etc.
pdfC does not do this when I print from webbrowsers.

I find that the &Save button does/will not work when
there is a (non-.pdf) file extension specified in the Document &Title field.
I have to delete/remove the (non-.pdf) file extension
from the Document &Title field before I can save …

Seems to me it would be pdfC would be better without this “bug” …


as you have allready pointed out, it depends on the printing application, what metadata gets sent to the PDFCreator printer. There are some ways to get rid of these extensions, though.
You can use the hidden setting RemoveAllKnownFileExtensions, please read the user manual for further info: http://www.pdfforge.org/content/settings-pdfcreator
You can also use filename substitutions in the “save” section of your PDFCreator options.

I will check the issue with non.pdf extensions in the Document&Title field.



I managed to add the necessary filetype-replacement entries.

But, please add the following replacements to the default install, this will help a lot of users:

.odt, .ods, .txt

thanks, Claus

PS: With older versions of PDFCreator this worked “out of the box”.


thanks for the feedback, I will ask our developers if it is possible to add these again or if there was a reason why they were removed.

Best regards