PDFCreator 0.9.9: Looking for testers

 Hi Phillip,

this is a new pt_BR translation file with many corrections from the current one. The version is 0.99.


Please commit it.


 How can I test  0.99? I want to test it in a W2K3 with Terminal Server (lots of users printing concurrently).



Hi ssdoria,

sent you an email.


we also have problems related to the cClose bug using PDFCreator. I'd be glad to get the chance to try out the new version, too.



E-Mail ist raus.

Hello Philip,


I am a common users, and will be glad to test 0.9.9





Sent you an email.


I translate PDFCreator's Lithuanian language file from version
0.9.8 to version 0.9.9.
How I can make this translation publically available?



Send it to info@pdfforge.org

I'm wondering about the intended release date of 0.9.9.  I have some concerns about some machines trying to automatically update when it comes out and I'm wondering how long I have to get that automatica update setting changed on each of them.



There is no auto-update. There is only a info that a new version is available.

Hi Philip,

we would like to test the new version especially regarding multiple printer profiles (PDF-TIFF output) on Windows Server 2008.

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Hi Phillip,


Sent you an e-mail, i would really wan to test the multiple print setup

Kind regards,

Henk van Beek

Sent you all an email.

I am successfully using PDFCreator 0.9.8 on a Windows Server 2003 (SP2) to act as network printer, using the autosave feature. So all of our 10-person office staff can create PDF files from their client machines (on Windows XP) without the need to have any software installed locally. The created files are then automatically available on a shared network directory. All works fine except one thing:

No PDF files will be created when nobody is logged in locally on the server! Thus, all the time the Administrator has to be logged in on the server! This should not be a requirement. Has this bug been fixed in 0.9.9? Would be willing to test it before an official release gets out. I will be back in the office on Monday (Jan. 4, 2010).



I'm using PDF creator both for C# vs 2005 and for applications with MS Access Xp, 2003, 2007.

Especially I'd like to test the cClose Bug and also printing with different printersettings from different applications simultaneously.

I'd really like to test your new version,


Best Regards ,


Alain Bobbe

BM Systems



we would like to test the new version especially regarding multiple pdf printer. Can you send me the new Version please.


we would also like to test the beta on various Citrix Platforms (Metaframe XP, Presentation Server 4.5 and XenApp 5). We have issues with most other products. We would appreciate a link to the beta.

Thank you very much !