PDFCreator 0.9.9: Looking for testers


we are nearly ready with the 0.9.9 version - we are just waiting for a few translations to arrive.

In the meantime you can help us testing it. If you want to do so, please send us a mail to support. @. pdfforge.org (without spaces and dots)

Specially we are looking for testers who can test:

  • the cClose Bug (see modified samples)
  • unusual Systems (Server 2008, Citrix)
  • Multiple printers
  • Multiple printing profiles
  • Anything else

kind regards,

Hi Philip,

I'm the Italian translator and I can test the new version on Citrix (old Citrix Access Essentials 1.5, Citrix XenApp Foundamentals 2.0 and 3.0) if you want.

Could you please send me the link from which download the new version?



Andrea "Gavoz" Gaviraghi

I have sent you an email.

Dear Philip,

I’m the system administrator at a textile SME.

Our team is waiting for the 0.9.9 release as we need the multiple printer/multiple profiles features.

We can install and test both features on 30 computers as part of a little documentation project developed by us.

Thank you in advance!




I would be glad to try out the new version. We have problems with the cClose bug from Microsoft Access 2003.




I can test the cClose bug  (C# & WinXP SP3)


Sent you all an email.

Hi Frank.

We didn't receive any mail.

Could you please send it again?

Thank you in advance.


Sent you an email

Hello philip

I would like to try the new version.

I have a problem with the cClose bug.

I use C++ COM.


kind regards,



Hello where could i get the newest Version.

I want to print out about 60000 doc with a vb6 Programm,

For the Version 0.9.8 I had to change the Close command with is called after round about every 40 docs.

'        pdfjob.cClose
        Set pdfjob = Nothing
        Shell "taskkill /f /im PDFCreator.exe", vbHide

I get annother error round about all 10000 docs, the first PDF file from ist 40 docs step had 0 kb and then there will be made no more pdfs.

kind regards,



VB Programmer

I am doing the danish translation and have not received anything yet.

I would like to test it, as 0.98 is giving som problems too.

Morten Christensen


I'd like to test it out if possible too! Thanks, and I love your product!

Sent you all an email.

I'd like to test it please. I own an IT system integration company and I find your software extremally useful. New multiple printers feature sounds really exiting - I've been looking forward to it for some time.



Sent you an email.

Hi Philip

I sent you an email yesterday about testing the new version 0.9.9 and would be very interested in doing that. I have five machines running PDFCreatorand three of them exhibit the cClose problem.




Sent you an email.

I also want to test the new version. Multiple printing profiles is a very important feature for me.

Sent you an email.