PDFCreator 1.0.1 Repeats Reboot Request

I uninstalled version 1.0.0, rebooted then attempted to install version 1.0.1. The installation procedure indicated that I needed to reboot, which I did again. I then re-ran the 1.0.1 installation file and it askes me to reboot again.

How can I get the installation process to reset and/or ignore the need to reboot again?

Thank you for your assistance.


Unfortunately, I met the same problem like you.
But fortunately, I found the solution by reading the source code :slight_smile:

Please try:
CMD-LINE:> PDFCreator-1_0_1_setup.exe /ForceInstall

And we can find more installation parameters by:
CMD-LINE:> PDFCreator-1_0_1_setup.exe /?


I had a similar issue with Windows XP and Adobe Acrobat... There is a registry key named "PendingFileRenameOperations". After deleting the content of the reg-key it worked.

regards Roland

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Thank you both for your responses!  I was remiss in mentioning I am on Vista 64 and the registry key "PendingFileRenameOperations" was not found for one reason or another. However, the /ForceInstall switched worked great.

Thanks again.