PDFCreator 1.4.0 Print Queue Disappears Windows 2008-64 Xenapp5

I am evaluating PDF Creator for a large scale Xenapp5 Windows 2008-64 enterprise and cannot get it to install correctly. I am using TS "install" mode on server console and Standard installation.

Print queue is created and tests ok for Admin user on the console. If a user is logged in to TS session during installation, they can also see and test the print queue.

BUT, when any user next logs in to TS or Citrix session, the print queue is not visible to the user AND it disappears from the administrators printers folder on the console as well.

Spooler service looks Ok, tried restarting but made no difference, had to re-install PDFCreator to get queue back.



which PDFCreator version are you using?

Did you switch back to application mode afterwards?

There´s a setting which creates a new temp path each session, which needs to be deactivated.

The path to it is something like this (translated from german, so may be slightly different): servermanager/roles/remotedesktopservices/configuration of ...sessionhost.