PDFCreator 1.4.2 error nr 339 (Component MSCOMCTL.OCX)

when upgrading from v1.4.0 (which works nice and smooth) to v1.4.2 and launching PDFCreator.exe we get error nr 339 (Component MSCOMCTL.OCX) as you can see here.

We use a batch script for unattended installation. Up to v1.4.0 everything was working perfect, starting from v1.4.1 it’s not working. We deploy it on w7 x64 machines.

With me, it happened exactly the same thing. Once I have suggested that the Olo, everything started to work perfectly, as it was before version 1.4.0… Thank you :smiley:

I'm having exactly the same problem. I've upgraded from v1.4.1 but there shows no printer installed in Windows.

You need to register MSCOMCTL.OCX and MSCOMCT2.OCX after installing PDFCreator.

Somehow, they broke the installer. Type at command promt as an Administrator:

if exist "%WINDIR%\\System32\\MSCOMCTL.OCX" regsvr32.exe "%WINDIR%\\System32\\MSCOMCTL.OCX" /s
if exist "%WINDIR%\\System32\\MSCOMCT2.OCX" regsvr32.exe "%WINDIR%\\System32\\MSCOMCT2.OCX" /s
if exist "%WINDIR%\\SysWOW64\\MSCOMCTL.OCX" regsvr32.exe "%WINDIR%\\SysWOW64\\MSCOMCTL.OCX" /s
if exist "%WINDIR%\\SysWOW64\\MSCOMCT2.OCX" regsvr32.exe "%WINDIR%\\SysWOW64\\MSCOMCT2.OCX" /s

Well, I don't actually know if that commands solved the problem but it is working now. I've been having trouble installling any kind of printer and I've made some registry and Windows system file changes, so maybe that was the cause or maybe the registration of that ocx. Anyway, thank you!