PDFCreator 1.4.3 Event Warning: PDFCreator must be reinstalled after you upgrade Windows

We have been using PDFCreator 1.4.3 in our custom written application since January 2016 and cannot upgrade to a higher version because the code uses the COM Interface only available in 1.4.3.

After the last Windows Patch installation in December 2017 the PDFCreator application has been creating the following Event Warnings for every PDF that has been created: “The Application (PDFCReator) has the following problem: To function properly, PDFCreator must be reinstalled after you upgrade Windows.”

Is there a way to turn off the Event Warnings? Why are the Event Warnings appearing only now? It would be a pain, if we would always have to reinstall PDFCreator after each Windows patch…

Additionally it is creating .TMP files unter C:\Windows\Temp, which have to be deleted manually?

Thanks for any help.