PDFCreator 1.6.0 released

We are happy to announce PDFCreator 1.6.0 today. This very includes our new PDF Architect which greatly enhances the capabilities of the old Architect. As the new Architect is significatnly larger, we have created an online setup which will download PDF Architect on the fly if it was selected and an offline setup that can be used when no internet connection is available or a slow download is anticipated.

We also did some improvements to the pdfcmon to handle some special cases on different Terminal Server editions.

We hope that you enjoy this new version. As always, you can find it on http://www.pdfforge.org/download

OK but where to find offline installer?


when you go to the download page, you will find two files:

The second file is the offline installer.

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Since there is new LanguageCodePage entry in english.ini I wonder if it’s possible to change encoding of such file to UTF-8? What LanguageID should I use for Slovenian language? I think that this value should already be set by you. We (translators) are way more capable off messing that up ;).

I remember that I uploaded translation for 1.5.1 way before 1.6.0 release and in it was still 1.4.0 in it. It’s a bit nasty that translators are not able to check if it was really uploaded.

In the past you notified translators about changes and I really liked that. Now it can happen that new strings are not included until next release.


yes, the whole translation process is not good at all right now. We have started a project on freelancer.com (in June last year) to develop a drupal module that allows the translators to do the translations in an coordinated way. Unfortunately, the freelance still is not finished. We are currently using the sourceforge mailing list to notify the translators. We will try to improve that. I can understand that you are upset when you have a translation and we don’t include it or if you even did not realize that there was a new version coming until it was released.

Our aim would be, that we set up a language (with Language code, codepage and that) and the translator fills the gaps.

Regarding the Codepage: This is not that relevant right now as it is not used automatically. PDFCreator is not able to handle UTF-8, as the libraries (VB6) are not able to have UTF-8 in form controls.

The Language IDs are the official ones that Microsoft uses (http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/goglobal/bb964664.aspx). Slovenian is 1060.

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"One does not simply download PDFCreator offline installer" :wink:

Sorry for asking but it’s not so obvious. How to enter page that you linked? Let’s see:
1) I’m going to main site: http://www.pdfforge.org/
2) I’m clicking “Download” button and after this I’m here:http://en.pdfforge.org/download
3) On the right is big “flame button”. I’m clicking on it and I’m going to: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/PDFCreator-stable
4) … which means automatic download of webinstaller (sic!).

I must know to click on the left button labeled “PDFCreator” to go to page you’ve linked:
It wasn’t obvious…

But thanks anyway!

I just wanted to say thank you. It appears that you have made the offline installer much easier to install without feeling obligated or “tricked” into installing third-party software. I for one appreciate that.

The new PDF Architect is MUCH more invasive with how it wants to put toolbars everywhere.  Since it shows up in the installed programs list as a separate program and there are no options for it in the PDFCreator installer it should either be its own distinct installer or allow for setting the options for it as part of the PDF Creator install.


the PDFArchitect doens´t exactly install toolbars, but add-ins. We are planning to make these optional during setup, if you need any instuctions on deactivating them in the meanwhile, feel free to ask.




I just installed the latest version 1.6 on RDS Server 2008 R2 and have the same problem with ordinary RDS users. When they try to print to PDFCreator nothing happens. Admin users work without any problem.

Any idea how to solve this?

Mocni Max

Yes, I have started using it and this is the best release for PDF creator. Thanks guys…

Let me get this straight. Everything needed to install PDFCreator 1.4.3 was 18.7 MB. Now if you choose the default install option, you have to download a 16.68 MB “web installer” that doesn’t actually install anything, it just downloads the 64.82 MB “offline” installer?  What caused the bloat from 19 MB to 82 MB, over four times larger?!?

It seems that the PDFCreator-1_6_0_setup.exe now dowlads the latest PDFArchitect MSI file during the installation. That is some mess, when you want do distribute software rather than letting the users install the software themselves, as the IT department cant control which bersion is installed on different machines (and the installtion will not work if there is no access to the internet). That why i choose to download PDFArchitect so I can control which software is distributed to the users machines.

Could you please inform me which parameters you use during the PDFCreator-1_6_0_setup.exe for the PDFArchitect msi file? That way it is prette much the same way we install PDFCreator


the larger filesize is caused by the completely reworked PDFArchitect, if you deselect the Architect during the setup, you can install without internet access and have more or less the same filisize as in version 1.4.3.

We do a silent MSI installation without any parameters.



Thanks Robin :-)


A little request also....Could you make it possible (as in PDF Creator(NoConfirmMessageSwitchingDefaultprinter)) to make som settings in HKLM instead of HKCU..that would be a lot easier for administrators to avoid popups for users?


do you mean PDFArchitect settings or other PDFCreator settings?

Hi Robin,

I wish that PDF Architect had the possibilty to make some settings in HKLM instead of HKCU. In PDF Creator you can make f.ex HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\PDFCreator\\Program\oConfirmMessageSwitchingDefaultprinter=1


In PDF Architect the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\PDF Architect\\Settings\\ShowAssociationDialog =0 disables thedialog that pops up first time you start PDF Architect. If PDF Architect could detect that the key HKLM\\Software\\PDF Architect\\Settings\\ShowAssociationDialog =0 the adminstrator could do this in advance before deploying the software to avoid popups for users