PdfCreator 1.7.3 prints to a default sytem printer when printing with already open MS Word


when I issue a command to print a .doc or .docx document with MS Word using PdfCreator 1.7.3 when the Word is already open, under specific conditions it always prints to a default system printer instead of using the PdfCreator printer. Is this a MS Word or a PdfCreator issue?

Here are the steps how to reproduce the problem:
  1. Make sure that PdfCreator is not a default system printer.
  2. Make sure that MS Word does not use PdfCreator printer by default.
  3. Close MS Word.
  4. Create two files: a.docx and b.docx
  5. Open a.docx and do nothing else with it.
  6. Issue a command to print b.docx: PDFCreator.exe /NOSTART /PF"path_to_the\b.docx"
  7. The print job will be sent to the default system printer.
The interesting point is that if you go to File -> Print menu in the MS Word in the step 5. (just visit the menu), the print job will be sometimes sent correctly to the PdfCreator printer.

If you issue the print command when the MS Word is not open, there is no problem.

This can be reproduced with MS Word 2010 on Windows 7 but I’ve been told the same thing happens with MS Word 2007 or 2013 on Windows 8, although I haven’t tested that myself.


I was not able to reproduce this in version 2.0, can you verify the problem has been fixed, or does it still exist on your system?

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I verified that the problem doesn’t occur in version 2.0, that’s good news. Our app currently integrates with version 1.7.3 where we have this problem. Can you reproduce it and do you know if it is a PdfCreator issue, why does it happen and how to avoid it (without upgrading)? Perhaps there is a simple solution.

Hi, do you have any suggestions how to avoid this issue with version 1.7.3 or what might be the actual cause?