PDFCreator 1.9.2 preview released

Today we have released PDFCreator 1.9.2. This is the next iteration towards a stable PDFCreator 2.0 and brings some fixes
and improvements.



  • Ability to add pages before and after the actual document
  • Background pages can now be applied with different modes, i.e. first page of the background on the first page, the second page on all other pages
  • Drag & Drop: When printable files are dragged to a PDFCreator window, they are automatically printed to the PDFCreator printer
  • While leaving the settings wind the settings are now checked for problems
  • Application Icon in 256x256 resolution
  • Reworked post processing of PDFs. All processing steps (background, signing etc) are now done in one go, resulting in faster conversion
  • Stamps and Background page can be configured to be applied to first, last or all pages

Bugs fixed

  • The stamping font was not always used properly, when the name was different from the PostScript name of the font.
  • Temp files were not always released and remained in the temp folder for some time
  • Synchronization problem with auto-save. The job result was evaluated in some circumstances for it was finished, which was displayed as error
  • Under some circumstances, the output files may have been saved in the wrong folder while trying to find a unique filename
  • The PDFCreator printing window was placed below other windows when the main window was shown already
  • The default title replacement settings had doc before docx, which caused an 'x' to appear at the end of titles for docx documents

Known issues

  • We have seen problems with opening a mail client from PDFCreator with Windows 8 and Thunderbird. The MAPI32.dll method just fails. This disappears when the Log level is set to Debug, without observable reason.

Still missing

  • COM interface to automate PDFCreator (work on that has started)
  • A way to manage pending print jobs (will start after the release)
Again, we are happy about all feedback

thanks for your work  .where can get the source?

The new design isn’t fully compatible when desktop font settings are other than standard 96dpi. This is getting more and more common now that we have desktops and laptops with high pixel density screens. 

Yes, we know that there are some problems left. We are currently working on fixing them (I have a higher resolution on my home laptop as well and found this annoying ;-))

When printing to jpeg images, the filenames of resultant files have a suffix in the form of page number. The page numbers should be prefixed by zero
(output01.jpg, output02.jpg, …output99.jpg). This way, the file would
ALWAYS be sorted and listed automatically.

The current version of 1.9.x does NOT do that. It removes leading zeroes!

This zero-padding behavior could be set in 1.7.2, but not in 1.9.x beta!!!

@mwchang: Thanks for the feedback. This is now added and will be included in the version 1.9.3 which we will publish soon.

Hi Philip, is there any plan for Linux?

no, there are no Linux plans, as we have quite a tight integration with the Windows printer system which is hard to replicate to Linux.

Any plan of rewriting in .NET ?

It is already:)

Signing documents are an incredible feature, many users need it. 

Wishlist based on limitation of version 1.7.x:

1) Should be able to set font settings for signature. 

2) Should be able to set custom signature appearance with rich-text formatting capabilities 
a) (html?) 
b) should be possible to add images to the left/right of the text
c) adjust text + images in a table. 
d) change/remove the ‘V’ checkmark, which behaves as a watermark in the signature box. 
e) should be possible to set fonts/formatting

3) Should also be possible to set signature ‘after text’ with an optional margin. This way, i can set the signature just after the end of the written document content. Currently I can only set up signature as a box at a fixed position.