PDFCreator 1.9.3-beta released

Today we have an early Easter gift for you: We have finalized the next beta release of PDFCreator: 1.9.3. You can find the files on our download servers: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/list

This brings the long waited feature to merge and rearrange print jobs and introduces a beta version of the COM interface.

The improvements include:

  • Merge and rearrange print jobs again
  • Converting a large document to an image format will now create file names in a sortable way (i.e. Doc001.jpg to Doc100.jpg)
  •  Allowing to skip the printing dialog a directly go to the save file dialog
  • We have moved most Windows from the "old" Windows Forms technology to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which allows scalability on systems with other screen resolutions and better testing of UI components. The two settings dialogs will be converted with the next release. This required to move the project to .Net 4.0
  • The COM interface is back in a very basic version. This will grow over the time. For now, the interface will change in future versions. Once it has stabilized, we will introduce proper COM versioning
Again, please test it and see if you can find any problems.

As for the next versions: We will move towards 2.0 with at least one further release (1.9.4), which should finalize the transition to WPF (the big setting dialogs are still missing) and make the whole experience smooth. We will also continue work on the COM interface. If this version works out well, we will release PDFCreator 2.0 - and hopefully this will happen soon.


i download the source ,can not find the installer for the exe project? 

i am from chinese,i want to change the language,then repackage the installer exe.

i just want to know how to do ? 

Great job, say bye to VB6 :slight_smile:

I encountered some issue when I try to built solution, 10 files mission under PrinterHelper\Resources\Drivers folder, may I know where to download them?

Thank you.


If you want to add your language, you can become project translator and we will always include your latest translation to all users. For this, just sign up here: http://translate.pdfforge.org and give us a note, so we can assign you the correct language. Please note that the site is not finally released yet


@Seraph: As Printer drivers, you can use “any PostScript driver” you like, i.e. the Microsoft PScript driver. This is not included in the source package as it is no source code.

What about the .msi installer?