Pdfcreator 2.1.2 installation files


We are reinstalling an old server and need pdfcreator 2.1.2 for compliance reasons.
Is there an official download available?

The main website only goes back to 4.0 and
The sourceforge page only goes up to 1.7

So the versions between 1.7 and 4.0 are missing.

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In the same boat here. Is there a way to get the installer for v2.1.2?

You can download it from web.archive.org and I can confirm that the downloaded file is identical to the original downloaded from the pdfforge.org site in 2015 because I keep and archive old files of every software I use.

The package contains OpenCandy , an adware classified as malware by many antivirus, so your antivirus will probably complain.
Be careful to not install the sponsored programs and to not install PDF Architect.