PDFCreator 2.4.0 + Microsoft Outlook 2003

Hi, I have PDFCreator 2.4.0 and Microsoft Outlook 2003. Always I get error message, when I want send e-mail from PDFCreator. MS Outlook 2003 is default mail client and working.

Windows 10 x64
Microsoft Outlook 2003 (11.8330.8405) SP3
PDFCreator 2.4.0
Error message: 11999 - Unknown error in e-mail client action

Screen: http://sw.dece.cz/download/pdfcreator/PDFCreator.jpg

Thank you for your help. Jan.

Hello Jan,

I am not sure what is causing this error, but doubt it is a general compatibility issue.
Fortunately, there is a work around for any problems related to the e-mail client action:
Instead of the e-mail client action, use the “run script” action, point it to the outlook.exe and add /a into the textbox for additional parameters.

Best regards,


Hi, thanks, this is partial solution. Button “E-mail” does not work, but when I configured script, Outlook starts on “Save file”. Jan

Hi Jan,

did you add /a to the filed for additional parameters when setting up the action in PDFCreator?
/a will (or should) tell Outlook to open a new mail with the PDFCreator output attached to it.
If you already have /a as additional parameter and it still doesn’t work, it could be worth to check if the parameter might have been different in Outlook 2003 (I tested this with Outlook 2013).

Best regards,


Hi, yes, I have parameter /a in script. With script PDFCreator works correctly (starts MS Outlook new message), but only with button “Save file” (right-bottom button). Button “Send mail” doesn’t work. In my opinion, it would be a good parameter to determine whether to launch the default e-mail client, MAPI or specific program (i.e. MS Outlook). Jan.