PDFCreator-2_5_2-Setup.exe will not install om windows 10 due to gsdll32.dll

An error occurred while trying to copy a file:
The source file is corrupted.

\Program Files\PDFCreator\Ghostscript\Bin\gsdll32.dll

My work around is to go back to the previous version, which works fine.

I don’t think this is related to an incomplete uninstall of the previous verions, since the relevant folders were empty.


have you tried redownloading the setup? Corrupted files often indicate a download problem.
Does the MD5 for the downloaded Setup match the one on our download page?

Best regards,


Hi Robin,

thank you for your advice. I am not sure what MD5 is?

I just click the following link on your download page.


Filename Size MD5
PDFCreator-2_5_2-Setup.exe 27.68 MB 2b46f6eb22a2db39c6d00151cbd59083

I will try again next week, 2-5-1 is working okay at the moment.