PDFCreator 3.2.0 Won't launch - just exits

Hi all
After a PC crash that required recovering a windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit OS. PDFCreator refuses to run. All other windows applications is working fine but PDFCreator is just visible under processes in the Task manager for a brief second. Then disappears with no trace, No UI, No fault message, no entry in the Windows Program log etc.
I tried:
Checked ownership and security access settings to $AppData% folders related to PDFCreator Like in Forum post 7724
Removed and reinstalled PDFCreator
Removed and deleted all leftover PDFCretor folders in Programs and %Appdata% and reinstalled
Removed and reinstalled in Expert mode in new folder
Executed PDFcreator from a command prompt with various command line options to check for any response
So far nothing has helped. Is there a Log file or a good way to debug the installation?
Thanks in advance.


sorry for the trouble. Please check if a log got created in %localappdata%\PDFCreator, this should contain the error.
You can post it here or send it to support(at)pddforge.org and we will help.

Best regards