PDFCreator 3.3.0: How to access Control Menu to leave?

I am an elder programmer with grey hair and my eyes aren't so powerful as in earlier years.
So, usually I use the 150%-magnifying-"capability" of Windows 7. (I assume everyone understands the finer implicications of "capability" in this context...)

The funny thing with the new installation of PDFCreator 3.3.0 in this context is:

I can't leave, when I did my work: The headline of the PDFCreator-Window is beyond the upper edge of the screen, because of the magnifying:

So, I also can't minimize nor maximize nor even shift the PDFCreator-Window on the Screen, because, in MS-Windows Standard UI-Behaviour, I need access to the Window-Headline.

I looked for some keyboard-shortcuts, function-keys or else, but couldn't find anything to that keywords in the documentation of PDFCreator.

Is there anyone who has a useful hint for me to handle or, at least, to step around that problem? I would be very glad for every solution less brutal than killing the task and less time-consuming than logging out and logging in any time I used PDFCreator.

Thanx a lot in advance

Hi Joe,

what we can look into on our end is to see if it is possible to take the magnification into account in order to prevent this from happening ( I am not sure if this is possible though).
Does it help pressing windows+ left (or right) on the active window? This will move it to exactly one half of the screen and perhaps it will scale properly then. You can also press windows + down to minimize the window.

Best regards