PDFCreator 3.4.0 Error when trying to send to Email

I have set up two users now in my domain that are getting an error when clicking on the Email tab. It says: An error occurred: Unknown error in e-mail client action: (11999). I tried looking up this error on line and some said to disable the Open Email-Client action and enable the run script action instead of it. I could not find out how to open this email client action and disable it nor the run script. Please give exact instructions for those of us who are new to using this program. Thanks.

Im having the same issue. It seems like the open email client action option was removed in these newer versions as I have found much older references to this when searching online.


sorry for the trouble.
May I ask while E-Mail-Client you are using?
The Open Email-Client action isn't enabled by default and not directly connected to clicking on the Email tab during the conversion process, so there is no need to disable it.
However, both the action and clicking on the Email tab either call Outlook directly or use MAPI for other email clients and this might not work for all configurations and clients.
The "Run script action" can be used to automatically run any application or script with the converted document as input, so it can be used to work around this issue by e.g. directly running your email clients executable with the proper parameter to attach the document.
You can enable this in the "advanced" section of the profile settings.
The exact settings depend on the email client you are using but if you need help with those, just let us know.

Best regards