PDFCreator 3.4.0 not printing automatically from LocalSystem

I installed PDFCreator 3.4.0 on a server and set it to automatic printing into a specific folder and tested automatic printing from a desktop application successfully.
But I wanted to do tests with it with our printing programm running as a service in LocalSystem.
There it happens, that nothing happens. :slight_smile:
Our printing programm replies: printing successfull
non output in PDFCreator queue and output folder
Also nothing in the PDFCreator trace log file that I enabled.
when I double click on PDFCreator desktop icon to open settings etc., THEN the printout is done and the PDF file is in the output folder!

So somehow automatic printing here does not work when coming from a service running in LocalSystem account. And starting the program initiates something that does the work.
At least that's my idea here.

Can anybody help me here to get this working really automatically ?


you will need PDFCreator Server if you are running PDFCreator on a server, the regular editions always require a user session to run in.

Best regards