PDFCreator 3.5.0 - How can I attach an extra attachment

We are using PDFCreator when printing documents from our appplication. We have configured PDFcreator to save the printed PDF-file and to open the standard mail (outlook). The printed PDF file is also attached.

Now we want also send an existing PDF file containing the conditions as a separate attachment. How can we do this in PDF creator? We don' t want to attach this manual in outlook when we send an new order.

When I do this in the standard config, the printed PDF (order) will be merged with the attached file (conditions) in PDFCreator. If the receiver of the mail wants to print his/her order, the conditions will also be printed.

Hi Danny77,

I am going to discuss with my colleagues the possibility to add another "Bijlage" within the tab Send / E-mail (see screenshot):

What do you think about this idea?

Kind regards

This is a very good idea.

Thank you for your approval :slight_smile:

Our developers will look at it and make a decision. You will be able to see (if implemented) here: https://www.pdfforge.org/blog.

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you could use the "run script" action from the advanced tab instead of the inbuilt "Open Email Client" action to achieve this goal, if your email client supports attaching multiple documents through a command line (Outlook doesn't). If the client doesn't support adding multiple attachments through a script or command, we won't be able to do it from within PDFCreator, either.

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