PDFCreator 3.5 File stuck on printer queue

I've just installed PDFCreator on windows 7 , first time. While trying to print with the PDFCreator printer nothing happens. I can see the file in the printer queue with"printing" status, nothing else. reinstallation, permission for all, etc - nothing changed.
I see this issue in old versions help toppics but can not find a solution.
Help anyone?
Thank you

Hi @rongood,
is the most recent .NET version installed on your PC?
It should help to have the most recent version.

Permission-wise you'd need to make sure that you have access to %TEMP%/PDFCreator and all subfolders.

Thank you for your repid reply. The file version is, downloaded from your site.
Installation was OK, The user account has full permission to this folder.
Thank you