PDFCreator Action Print does not automatically print

I installed the latest version for testing on latest Windows 10 version 1909. PDFCreator is version 4.0.4.
I cannot get PDFCreator to automatically print the document. It will print if I set the Print action to Select Printer Before Printing. If I select the Print action to Default Printer or a specific Windows printer (HP Laserjet Pro M478dn in my case) it does not print.

My profile is set with actions for Print the document and then email it to a preset email address. The email works fine but I cannot get the auto printing to work.

I checked the folders for Security settings. They were OK.

Any ideas?

Hi @ggunzelman

Sorry for the delayed answer.

Kindly forward your question to the PDFCreator support team via the knowledge base.

I have checked the Knowledge Base. That is where I found the security settings which were all in place. I checked again today and found a suggestion to delete the PDFCreator folder in the %Temp% directory and allow it to recreate. That did not help either. Any other suggestions?


this might be caused by the updated Ghostscript version we use in PDFCreator 4.0.4.
We had to update Ghostscript in order to get the latest security fixes, but it required some changes to the printing command, more specifically the printer path we provide during the automatic printing process.
Does it work if you downgrade to PDFCreator 4.0.3?
What is the name/path of the printer you are trying to print to, is connected locally or is it a network printer?

Best regards


I will try 4.0.3

The printer is a network printer locally addressed via TCP.

In the PDFCreator log it is defined here:

The name gg3-HP478 does match the Windows printer name.


we have most likely identified the issue and it should only appear in PDFCreator 4.0.4.
We will fix this for the next update, too.

Best regards


Thank you Robin. 4.0.3 works properly. Using that for my tests.