PDFCreator BUSINESS and Ninite

Dear Sirs, I'm using FREE version on my Domain and used to Update all CLIENTs (about 50) using Ninite. A recent change in your Policy makes Ninite unusable to Update the CLIENTs so I've decided to switch to PDFCreator BUSINESS. I've contacted Ninite and asked them if it can Update the BUSINESS version but they replied that they cannot Update BUSINESS version as well as the FREE version.
I will buy the BUSINESS version as far as I can Update it using Ninite. Is there any plan to support Ninite for the Update process? I don't care about distributing BUSINESS with Ninite (I can do that with AD GPO o manually). I do care about Updating about 50 CLIENTs every 2 weeks or so (as frequently as the Updates are released) with Ninite because there's no other simple way (users don't have administrative rights on their CLIENTs). OK... I could to that with AD GPO but I already use Ninite to Update all 3rd Party Software (Adobe Reader, Java, GIMP, ...). Please reply since a good answer would mean I will proceed with the purchase. Thanks and Regards. Stefano RIVOLI.

Hi Stefano,

We already have been in touch with Ninite (mid August 2018) and after explaining how the licensing works with PDFCreator Business they said: "We have thought about supporting license keys and we may do so in the future, but it's not an immediate priority. Our main focus right now is on a custom applications feature to allow users to push out their own installers".

I am going to speak to a colleague for your options and I will come back to you.

Kind regards

Hi Stefano,

I have just spoken to our developers and we will have to contact Ninite once more (hopefully together we will find a solution for you).

Kind regards

I have the same issue with trying to manage installations using Ninite. Looking forward to something being worked out.



doesn't Ninite support using custom parameters for installing the different software?
If yes, everything can be set through those:

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