PDFCreator can not convert because of "PDF Creator Plus advertising" popup


I’m using PDFCreator to print PDF files every day on a server.
It has worked for many days, with automatic save in default profile.

But after many success prints, PDFCreator stop its activities without any reason.
I have tried to understand whats happended, and when I have opened the application, I see a advertising popup “Try PDFCreator Plus! You have already converted 140 files with PDFCreator, thank you…”.
I think this popup stop the PDFCreator activity, as long as I have to click in this popup.

What do you think about that?

Is there a way to do not have this popup? (a parameter to set at the automatic installation of PDFCreator?)
Thank you very much for your response.

The other problem is that Automatic Save is enabled in default profile.
I have checked in registry: the HKEY_CURRENT_USER has the ConversionProfiles “0” with AutoSave Enabled.

But, I have a popup who say: There is one new winting task (written in french)
Why? My profile 0 has Autosave, I dont understand…


as far as I know the popup should only show if autosave is disabled, but there is no option to disable it. I don’t think it intentionally breaks the autosave workflow though, I will ask our developers to have a look at it. The question is, how are you running PDFCreator on the server, is it just run locally on demand or did you configure it to run as service (which isn’t supported and might cause multiple issues)?

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