PDFcreator (Client) creates a good PDF-A but after that an empty printjob

I use PDF-Creator on an XP Client for creating  PDF-A files (for dokument mangement) and an printout simultaneously on a networkprinter (or localprinter or print to file).

The problem is, I get a good PDF-A file (GS 8.64) but get only an empty printjob (testet with print to file) or on the other hand no printout on a printer. Do I use the GS 8.61 ( as mentioned on the forum befor - and other versions didn't work at all!) I get the result vice versa: a good printout but an empty PDF-file (blank pages).

I appreciate any good solution - who can help? thnx

remark: I use the automatic storage option and the printer option in PDFcreator