PDFCreator complains file is in use

I’m using PDFCreator 1.7.3 on a WinServer 2008 R2. Periodically a process send report print to PDFCreator printer which in turn saves it as pdf file in a defined folder (autosave function).

Sometimes PDFCreator popups with a dialog error saying it cannot access the pdf file because it’s in use by another process. 
The error is this:

Modul: modGhostScript
Function: CallGScript
Line: 51020

Unfortunately the dialog error is modal so someone must logon to the server console to close the dialog and process the other report queued in the meanwhile.

There’s a way to avoid modal dialog error? All PDFCreator log settings have been disabled to avoid any kind of stop but it seems it’s not enough.

Does someone encountered the same issue?


the only way to avoid the dialog is by preventing the error from happening, which is probably easier said than done. You could try adding some delay between the print jobs, in case it is a timing problem, or add a counter token to the filename to ensure it is always unique.

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