PDFCreator direct printing from file should create new Microsoft Word Session


We're using the TLB for embedding the use of PDFCreator in one application created by us.

We're printing RTF files to PDF using this environment.


We discover one problem related with Microsoft Word. If we have one Microsoft Word (and we had seleted a different printer than the default on the Word session) before printing the RTF to PDF the process of creation of the PDF it's not done and Word prints to the manually selected printed.


This it's due because Word uses sessions and if we open a second document in Word it will use the current printer settings. It will not check if the default printer has changed (PDFCreator does it to force printing to it's printer).


The solution will be to add some parameters to the Microsoft Word execution. With the /n parameter we're telling to Word to create a new session so it will not take the current printer settings of the current session (if we had one Word opened before doing the PDF Printing).


We're looking how to do this, using a function or parameter of the library or modifying the source.


Someone coult help us with this?