PDFCreator do not create searchable PDFS

I converted webpage to pdf file.
ex) URL : http://forums.pdfforge.org/
PDFCreator did not create searchable PDFS.
I attached the two files.
No.1) pdfforge forums (PDFCreator-3_1_2).pdf
No.2) pdfforge forums (Other PDF Program).pdf

No.2 file is searchable and linkable.

Can I create searchable and linkable PDFS with PDFCreator??
need other setting??


PDFCreator uses a virtual printer to convert the documents, so it depends on the application you are printing from, whether the text on the resulting PDF is searchable or not. Printing from a different browser can solve the text issue in most cases, but PDFCreator can’t maintain hyperlinks…
The other application probably doesn’t use a virtual printer for conversion and might be limited to / specialized in converting websites/html.

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