PDFCreator doesn't correctly parse PrintJobName into InputFilename and InputFilepath if drive letter is lowercase


I spent at about half a day to understand why PDFCreator doesn’t properly parse output file name in PrintJobName.
The main cause in the case sensitive of drive letter. When I sent the following string as print job name:
PDFCreator didn’t properly parse it into InputFilename and InputFilepath. But when sent the string:
PDFCreator parsed it properly.
As I know file names in Windows are case insensitive. If it is, please fix this issue in
.\Source\Application\Utilities\PathUtil.cs Line 152

Note: so in my tests PDFCreator correctly parsed the fillowing output file names:
C:\Temp\Test.pdf // Standard Windows file path
\MyComp\Temp\Test.pdf // Network file path
*MyComp - is a network name of my PC.