PDFCreator doesn't process .raw files

Hi, I'm using PDFCreator to have it receive a .raw file and put the .raw file in a directory where a service picks it up. I have tried searching for issues with .raw files here on the forum but haven't been able to find any.

So PDFCreator is receiving a .raw file and I just want it to put it in the directory as specified in the "save automatically" setting. So the input is a .raw file and the output should also be a .raw file. Nothing should happen to it. I need PDFCreator to do this because the process where the initial .raw file is coming from can only deliver to a printer, not a directory (this part is out of my hands). However PDFCreator fails to create the .raw file in the specified directory. Ofcourse I have created a printer and applied the proper profile to that printer. When I do "print test page" on the printer it actually does create a .raw file of the test print, but it doesn't process the .raw files it's being fed from our source. This rules out that there is anything access or rights related to it.

Another flow using .pdf format works just fine. Same source but it sends a .pdf file, which PDFCreator drops in a directory.

I have an example .raw file that I will make available, too bad I can't attach it here or am I missing something? I'm hoping someone can tell me why PDFCreator refuses to process this file properly.

Operating system is Windows 2003 and PDFCreator version is 1.6.2.

Thanks in advance anyone to sharing your thoughts about this.


Here is the file:



sorry this is not possible.