PDFcreator error on windows server 2003 R2

Dear forum members;

I had installed the PDF 0.9.8 both as server or stand alone version on one of the small servers running windows 2003 R2 and it fails when I try to open the options (CTRL+O) in order to define the watermark as RunAfterSave script option. When I log of and on again I get messages telling me PDFCreator caused a program error, number of mssgs equal the attempts to open the options. No further error or eventlogs found about this what I also find somewhat spooky.

On one other server for this client it does work normal on same type of system.

Can anyone elaborate about this problem please since I urgent need to find a solution for this or an other PDF creator!

Thanks in advance


I've the save problem, using PDFCreator 0.9.8 and Windows Server 2003 SP2 on two different machines. You can't call the options.

Hab' das gleich Problem, PDFCreator 0.9.8 auf zwei unterschiedlichen Maschinen, beide Windows Server 203 SP2, installiert. Die Einstellungen lassen sich nicht aufrufen.


Fehlermeldung im Event-Log:


Fehlgeschlagene Anwendung PDFCreator.exe, Version, fehlgeschlagenes Modul unknown, Version, Fehleradresse 0x001b1dc4.

You must set-up DEP (Data Eecution Prevention) exclusion.

Further informations here:



Dear kosac,

You gave us a link for further information about DEP and how to turn it off, but is there any information about the cause of the DEP problem? Is it a known bug in the application? How hasn't it been solved yet? Or is PDFCreator working fine and just causing a false positive in the Data Execution Prevention? It's a relevant issue, because, if PDFCreator really causes buffer overruns, then we would rather not run it with DEP turned off!

I’m not programmer. I found it as workaround. It works perfectly for me. I hadn’t any crash of the server as long as I use this solution. Everyone can make own decision of using or not using.

I installed the stand alone version of PDF Creator on my Windows 2003 SP2 server but, it hangs when I try to print to it. Furthermore, I can't re-install because I can't uninstall. I get a message that a file is corrupt. Any solutions?

I am having this same problem on server 2003.... Event

Type:    Error

Event Source:    Application Error
Event Category:    (100)
Event ID:    1000
Date:        3/3/2010
Time:        5:06:22 PM
Faulting application PDFCreator.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x001de934.

Any luck with a fix... This would be greatly appreciated

Please send me  the test version, pdf 0.99 crash in my Windows 7 Ultimate.



PDF Creator has been an absolutely excellent piece of software until now when it does not work any more on 64 bit systems.

Please email me the link or program to the download  to     michael AT ategra.com.au

But it would be a whole lot easier to put the link on this page so that it did not have to stop me doing my work.