PDFCreator flips pages (PDFArch doesn't)

Hi there!
I’ve a problem with PDF Creator and maybe you can help me to fix it. I use a finite element software (AXISVM) and when I print the reports with PDFCreator some pages get flipped (usually 90degree but sometimes 180°).

I’ve noticed that PDFArchitect doesn’t do that. The ghost script is the same?
I don’t find a solution for that problem, I don’t want to change the program because I very like it (near 1400 pages converted).

Thanks for your help!


Hi Dennis,

unfortunately tha automatic detection in Ghostscript doesn’t work very well.
PDF Architect doesn’t use Ghostscript so it doesn’t suffer from this issue.
A work around for PDFCreator would be to create 2 individual profiles/printers which are set to “portrait”/“landscape” instead of using the automatic detection.

Best regards